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I don't worry, if I die at the moment...

Unfortunately, we both, me and my husband, are HIV positive. I got to know the fact during pregnancy investigations when I was conceived. Had a mixed feeling as going to be mother and HIV victim as well, but had a strong feeling that my child shouldn't have HIV thus I don't know how to make it.  When I heard that my child is HIV free I was so thrilled and felt at the moment that I have no worries if I die. This all happen only because of financial support from APPA+ (an NGO), its saved my child life.  Many thanks to APPA+.

We were sadden, but delighted to see other side of the coin  !

We being students of 10th class, have lots of fun, playing video games, chit-chatting, jocking on each other, studying hard to gain good score to get admission into prestigious management, engineering colleges in the country - this is only our world. But, today was the utmost sadden to see and meet the children of HIV+ at APPA+ who can't at least dream like us because of their health and social compromised conditions. In other way, its a great opportunity for us, Harvesting school, to support them morally and financially by exhibiting our food stalls in the school fest and donating the profits out of the efforts.

We do continue our effort to support these children those are lookalike our brothers and sisters. Not only now, but in future wherever we are promising you to support forever. Harvest school students, Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, India